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Cabo Verde PWA Tag 6

Ein unbeständiges Ponta Preta bietet immer wieder einige Chancen, während die Double Elimination beginnt.

Die Windsurfer trafen sich früh am 6. Tag des 2022 SOMWR 10x Cabo Verde PWA World Cups, aber es dauerte ein paar Stunden, bis die ersten brauchbaren Sets in Ponta Preta auftauchten. Aufgrund der Unbeständigkeit des Swells bekamen die Surfer wieder lange Heats - 40-45 Minuten - um zu zeigen, wozu sie bei schwierigen Bedingungen fähig sind.

Die Wellen waren typischerweise schulter- bis kopfhoch, was bedeutete, dass die Surfer keine Angst haben mussten, auf den Felsen aufzulaufen, um ihre beste Punktzahl zu erreichen.


Double Elimination

If you cast your mind back to the Single Elimination, Takara Ishii (RRD / RRD Sails) earned the highest single wave score in the opening heat of the contest, but couldn’t find a solid back up wave to negotiate his way past - Thomas Traversa (Tabou / GA Sails) and Camille Juban (AV Boards / S2Maui). The young Japanese sailor was therefore involved in the opening round of the Double and he looked extremely accomplished with late hits under the lip and critical turns, which rightfully earned him a spot in the next round. Joining, Ishii, will be Antony Ruenes (Tabou / GA Sails), who edged out fellow Frenchmen - Titouan Flechet (Tabou / Hot Sails Maui) and Alex Grand-Guillot (Fanatic / Duotone) - with the 32-year-old earning his best wave of the heat with his final effort to secure his place in the second round. 

Josep Pons (I-99 / Point-7 / Black Project) made a confident start to Heat 17 as the 37-year-old dropped a 5.38 point ride to open his account in the double, which would turn out to be the highest wave score of the heat. Marino Gil (Goya Windsurfing) held on to second place to advance, despite - Antoine Albert (Goya Windsurfing) trying to produce a buzzer-beater. The New Caledonian landed two flakas / takas on the last wave of the heat, but never really used the wave to initiate the move as he attempted to manufacture a score.

It’s not every day that you see Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / Duotone / SWOX) in the first round of a Double Elimination and the Spaniard may have been forgiven for feeling the pressure. However, as a 3-time World Champion, Fernandez, remained as ice cool as ever as he quickly put himself in control of Heat 18 with a 6.38 and 4.88. That meant the remainder of Heat 18 would basically be a race for second place and on this occasion - Loïck Lesauvage (Goya Windsurfing) - was able to claim that place ahead of fellow rookies - Adam Warchol (Quatro / Goya Windsurfing) and Miguel Chapuis (JP / NeilPryde).

A couple of attempts were made to complete Heat 19, but on both occasions, the wind and waves simply didn’t co-operate, which led to two cancellations, so the resail of Heat 19 featuring - 5-time world champion - Philip Köster (Severne / Severne / Black Project), Arthur Arutkin (Fanatic / Duotone / Black Project), Julian Salmonn (Bruch Boards / GUNSAILS) and Mike Morales (Quatro / Goya Windsurfing) - will be first up on Saturday.

The sailors will meet at 8am tomorrow morning with the action commencing from 8:30am (GMT-1) onwards - if conditions allow. Hopefully, as the day progresses the 20s long period swell will start to wrap around into Ponta Preta. 

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Result 2022 SOMWR 10x Cabo Verde PWA World Cup - Men’s Single Elimination

1st Bernd Roediger (USA | Flikka / Hot Sails Maui / Black Project)
2nd Marcilio Browne (BRA | Goya Windsurfing)
3rd Thomas Traversa (FRA | Tabou / GA Sails)
4th Antoine Martin (FRA | Starboard / North Sails)
5th Takuma Sugi (JPN | Tabou / GA Sails / Black Project)
5th Josh Angulo (CV | Angulo)
7th Boujmaa Guilloul (MOR | Goya Windsurfing)
7th Morgan Noireaux (HI | JP / NeilPryde / Black Project)
*Results may still change